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Have you heard the legend about Orpheus - the mythical singer whose music enchanted people, birds and wild beasts?

He was born here, in the Rhodope Mountains, which has preserved the memory of Orpheus. The music of the Rhodope bagpipes and the magical voices of the local singers still resound over the Rhodope forest. The Rhodope Mountains are like a sea with waves of dark green slopes. It is enough to take a look at the beautiful scenery, to take a breath of crystal clean air and you will fall in love forever with the lyrical and magnetic Rhodope Mountains.

For thousands of years the local people have lived in harmony with nature and have preserved beautiful, untouched places in the heart of the mountain and an incredible variety of plants and animals. By choosing the Rhodope Mountains for your vacation, you will have a chance to get to know the traditions and everyday life of the local people. You can walk for days in century old spruce and beech forests. The Rhodopes have something to offer to each of your senses: richness of colours for the eyes; Rhodope songs, the babble of the mountain brook and the silver sound of the sheep bell for the ears; the crystal clean mountain water, pouring from the numerous fountains for the lips.

You will find the peace and delight your soul longs for.

If you would like to feel the spirit of the old times, to stay away for a few days from the vanity and bustle of city life, to wake up in the morning from the cry of the roosters, welcoming the morning sun, come to Oryahovets village.

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