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In the old town of Zlatograd you will discover that the old time masters were able to achieve incredible perfection with simple shapes and tools. Traditional architecture and the somewhat forgotten crafts are coming back to life, bringing along many positive emotions. Small craft shops are re-built anew to look exactly as history remembers them. In these craft shops experienced masters create unique models – knives, swords, as well as leather articles, which are crafted almost nowhere else.

In the Goldsmith’s shop, where you can still order a jewel with an ancient design, you can find extremely beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery.

The Tailor shop preserves very curious articles and tools used in the craft, which can hardly be seen anywhere else – over 120 year-old sewing machines, archaic irons, old photographs.

And so, from craft shop to craft shop – immense wealth of information about the past, carefully collected and preserved in Zlatograd.

And what is best – in each craft shop, on special boards, you can see authentic articles, which were discovered in archaeological excavations. You will see truly amazing objects – from Thracians, Romans and Byzantines.

The legend about Delju the haidouk comes to life with the authentic, ancient mould for casting bullets. Here the bond between past and present remains strong and that’s why we call this kind of exhibition “Dynamic exhibition”.

When you get tired of walking the scenic streets you can sit down to try the traditional culinary specialties to the sound of the mellifluous bagpipes or to sip a cup or two of the famous Zlatograd coffee, which boils over sand. The recipe for its preparation is a secret and there is nothing like the smell and taste of this coffee.

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