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The settlement was established in Thracian times. The Odris tribe used to live in these lands. During the first millennium BC a small fortress was built on Kaleto peak. In the foot of Kaleto peak there was a sanctuary, which is preserved until today. To reach the Devil’s Bridge by Ardino town you need to head towards Dyadovtsi village (6 km from Oryahovets village). There is a stone path, descending to Arda River. The scenic gorge is an incredibly beautiful place. The river runs under an ancient bridge. The Devil’s bridge was built over a scenic, narrow defile during the Ottoman period.

The bridge was part of an important route, connecting what is today Plovdiv with the White Sea region, through Makaza passage.

The bridge has 3 vaults with semicircle-vaulted openings on the sides so the water can flow through. Breakwaters are measured out against the river flow. On one of the main stones of the central vault a small hexagon is engraved, known as the seal of Solomon. Along the road there is an authentic 12 cm. high stone wall.

Walking up the river you can see the unique Rhodope rose – Haberlea Rodopenzis, growing on the rocks. It is also known as Rodopka, Silivryak, Shap, as well as the Flower of Orpheus. The name is connected to the legend of the ancient singer’s death. As each drop of Orpheus’ blood touched the ground it turned into a beautiful flower. Since he had noble blood the flower grew in blue colours.What is most important about the flower is its ability to remain in anabiosis (a state of suspended animation) for a long time and to come back to life when conditions are favourable.

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